A recipe.

If you’re craving delicious pancakes but have no eggs, or if you’re vegan, you can make great pancakes using oat flour. The natural stickiness of oats means that no additional binder is required. If you can’t buy oat flour, you can just blend regular porridge oats, that’s what I do!

Combine one cup oat flour with one cup water, and a pinch of salt. Add sugar to taste – I use 1-2 flat tablespoons per cup of oats – and mix well. I have not tried leaving the mixture to hydrate so I am not sure how that changes the flavour or texture, but I have had great results without waiting.

Heat a small quantity of oil in a pan to medium-high temperature and just pour the batter in the middle. I like to make quite small pancakes – 2-4 inches in diameter – so they are easier to flip. The batter will bubble and after a couple of minutes it should start to lose its sheen and darken slightly around the edges as it starts to solidify. At this point you should flip the pancake and cook for about the same amount of time on the next side. Keep cooking pancakes until you have a nice stack.

These taste wonderful on their own, or topped with lemon and sugar, or yoghurt and jam. Only slightly more effort than porridge and way tastier.

Many thanks to my loving partner Alwyn for this revelation. ❤️

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